Andreas Happe: Migrating to Middleman

September 9, 2014 in linux rails tech

My blog has a history of migrations. It started as wordpress, then was converted Octopress. After Octopress was missing update-love and jekyll started to be actively maintained again it switched over to jekyll. And now, it finally is based upon Middleman.

Sorry for any inconvinient bugs or layout errors that will happen during the migration.

Why have I switched to middleman?

  • as I’m a RoR devleoper it seems better suited for me. Jekyll always seemed to be the choice for “web designer that need to add some dynamic content” while middleman seems to incorporate the “web developer that needs some blog”-attitude
  • nice integration with bundler
  • existing plugins for deployment. This replaced a lot of custom cruft that I had to initially write for myself when I was using jekyll

While in there I’ve switched from bootstrap to bourbon/neat/bitters. Let’s see how this works out. Wouldn’t mind the framework to be called Islay though.

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