Andreas Happe: This year's review, 2018 edition

December 31, 2018 in life

This year was good work- and health-wise, but bad when it comes to money and relationships. Financially the stock market drop hurt, emotionally getting dumped was painful.

For 2019, I plan to keep and improve my healthy 2018 habits: enjoy life as non-smoker, keep on bouldering (6a+ - 6c with a rare sent 7a in-between), finally finish a full Bikram yoga sequence and maybe meditate more often.

In addition, I’d like to improve my sleep. This might lead to less screen time in the evening, more Kindle reading and maybe a slight drop in my caffeine consumption. Another thing that worries me is that many of my best stories start with “when we were out drinking..”. After quitting to smoke, it might be time to work on this area too.

This year’s work/life changes reduced my traveling time. A lot. It’s time to actively plan vacations again: maybe do a boulder (Fontainebleau, Maltatal) or surfing trip (Portugal, Fuerte Ventura).

When looking at a map of visited countries, I’ve been to most of the first world.. but to nothing else. Goal for 2019: visit a non-first world country!

Summer time in Vienna is hell, especially in the bouldering gyms. To improve that, branch out from bouldering: try out top-rope and/or canyoning.

There’s always more stuff to try:

  • spent less time watching my declining stock depot
  • be more kind
  • try to find a new, larger flat
  • think hard about doing the eye laser OP no harm.

Onwards and Upwards!

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