Andreas Happe: Review and New Year's resolutions

December 31, 2013 in life

Yeah, let’s make some new year’s resolutions so that I can feel bad breaking them. The big ones are:

  • Stop smoking. And nail-biting. Both might be the same outlet of my nervousness, let’s see if I can get them under control.
  • Start doing Yoga and/or Meditation again. To be honest, this will be needed to get resolution #1 to work.
  • Continue climbing. Alas my left wrist joint seems to have suffered sometime last year – I’ll gonna go to the doctor, but might have to reduce my bouldering for a bit. I might try to soak up my free time with Yoga. Sarcastic, as doing yoga was replaced by bouldering in 2013.
  • cooking vs. delivery-service: this will be a tough one. Currently I’m ordering way to much through the delivery service. In addition lots of the food eaten at home is just convinience food. I do not like the fact that delivery food is either way to expensive or unhealthy (or both).

Then there are some “more of the same” resolutions:

  • work-wise repeat 2014. This year was very good for me, the only improvement would be a better better book keeping. I’ve redone most of the last five year’s book keeping and now know that I’ve wasted a lot on money (on taxes).
  • keep on reducing/minimizing my stuff. My large (mostly unworn) tshirt collection comes to mind.
  • keep on climbing if my wrists allows me that. Within the last year I’ve gone from easy-easy to easy-medium routes with a sprinkling of more complex routes. This year I want to make the easy-medium routes my new default and start doing more complex routes.
  • alcohol-wise this year was a step forward.. still not perfect

Summarized: living more healthy.

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